2015 2017  University of Ottawa, Masters Degree

2013  University of Cambridge, CELTA certificate

2008 2013  Carleton University, Undergraduate Degree

Working experience: 

2017 2018  English lecturer - ZULI

2015 – 2017 Graduate Teaching AssistantUniversity of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2015 2017  Volunteer languages tutor (English, essay writing, Latin, and Ancient Greek) University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2014 2015  Certified native English teacher  Hwawon Elementary, Middle and High School Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Courses have taught: 

ZZULI: English (International Trade x3, Polymer, Food Science, Mechanical Engineering x2, Software Engineering)

University of Ottawa: Latin, English, Roman History x2, Ancient Greek History, History of Religion x2)

Carleton University: Latin x3, Roman History x3, Greek History x3, World Religion, Facilitator Team Workshops.

Essays published: 

2018 – “Ardaric the Rebel.”

2018 – “Collapse of the Hunnic Empire: Jordanes, Ardaric, and the Battle of Nedao.”

2016 – “Philosopher and Emperor: An Analysis of Julian’s ideal Philosopher-king.”

2016 – “The Wise and Knowing: A Comparative analysis of St. Augustine and Sedulius.”